Furax Poker HUD

Get valuable statistics about your opponents with an intuitive and powerful poker HUD

Work with Winamax on Windows and Linux


Make better decisions

Furax Poker HUD monitors your hand history in real time and automatically displays statistics about your opponents. With the best information directly on the poker table, you can take advantage of other players' weaknesses.

Intuitive and easy to use

Furax Poker HUD provides you the essential statistics about your opponents. It is a great tool for intermediate players who want only the most significant information.

Three screens of statistics are available. Just click on the HUD to go to the next screen. You can drag the window by clicking on the blue toolbar and position the HUD at the best location.


Hand count, Voluntary Put Money In the Pot, Pre-Flop Raise, Aggression Factor


Continuation Bet, Fold to Continuation Bet and opportunities to do so


Actions by post-flop rounds


Hand reviewer

You can review any hands once Furax Poker HUD is started. Every details of the hand are stored in the database so you can evaluate and review your actions with a critical eye. It's a great way to improve your game!

More features to come

Furax Poker HUD is currently in beta version. We have a lots of new features on our roadmap to offer you the best HUD experience. Feel free to contact us to share your suggestions!


Furax Poker HUD works currently only with Winamax, Poker Stars support will be available soon.

It's free during beta!

Furax Poker HUD for Windows

Tested on Windows 10

Furax Poker HUD for Linux

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04